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Why does Verizon only offer phone upgrades to customers who "add new line"? Why do I have to add another line to my existing phone plan?

It seems strange. That's like upgrading my car and building a new garage next to my existing garage

Why would I need a "new line" when I already pay for a line and want to use that one?

Am I missing something? Or is Verizon a greedy company?

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    They already have you.  The specials are to get people who aren't currently customers.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    They don't care about their existing customers. They only care about adding new fees and expenses to their already grossly overpriced products/services.

    Verizon has a very long list of disgruntled customers who feel they have been ripped off. Just look it up on the web. They (corp. Leaders) also have a long history of disputes with their workforce. Verizon workers have gone on strike several times, stating that Verizon is too greedy. 

    Giving a discounted upgrade to existing customers. That's a joke. Their phones are grossly overpriced. They charge about 50% more than many retail stores. Then they want existing customers to pay extra for adding a "new line" for the discount upgrade.

    So basically you are paying $750 for a $500 phone, being charged $30-$40 for line activation and $20/month for a line that you didn't want and don't need.

    Yeah, sounds like a great deal.

    This why Americans should boycott Verizon Wireless. 

  • P
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    8 months ago

    Because the discount is conditional on Verizon generating more revenue from the extra line.    What they don't tell you is that you can often get around it by canceling service completely and them immediately signing up new or by adding a line and canceling the original line. 

  • 8 months ago

    All the major wireless companies do this. You get a deal if you expand your relationship with them. That means getting someone else to sign up with them. If you don't have another person to sign up, then you don't get the deal. Wireless companies, and cable/internet companies, have a decent retention rate so they give deals to get people onto their service.

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