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Do you keep your writings..? ?

If you write obviously... 

If so, how do you kinda decide what to keep or not keep..? Do you keep checklists, bucket lists or shopping lists? 

Do you keep plans, like if you wrote out what your plans were for moving out or if you drew how you would put furniture in your room/house..? Or how about plans you wrote for college and/or career(s)..? 

Or do you only keep more “important” memories like when you wrote about your first kiss..? 

I’m not asking what I should keep, I’m asking what do YOU keep and what do you throw out, if you write for fun... 

I’m very forgetful and usually have to write it down to remember it, so I write almost everything... My brain works itself out on paper... 

Just wondering if I were to die, would checklists/drawings clutter up everything else I have written, or would they make them seem more “personal” and maybe people will remember I was a real person..? 

Bc the other things I write about are life and death, what might happen to us when we die, black holes and the unknown universe, things I can’t talk about with people because they always get scared and don’t want to talk about it anymore... I’m past the point of being afraid and I want to explore it all even if it causes fear. But does it make me seem “crazy” if that’s all that’s left, if I don’t leave shopping lists and drawings/layouts of my room and other more personal things like my first puppy..? 


What about dreams? Both literal and figurative? 


What about characteristics that you admire about your mentors, or your aspirations to be like them..? 

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  • Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    if you write something that is worth re-reading, or worth repeating, keep it.

    otherwise, consider it an exercise.

    • Julie4 weeks agoReport

      Sometimes I’m not sure what is worth re-reading.. Like I don’t know if anyone cares about reading my theories about black holes...
      Some people have told me in person I have an interesting mind and would buy my book, but that’s only a few people... 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    The only thing I write is poems.

    It's takes out anger.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    If I have to much papers I just throw it out Ike I normie

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  • 4 weeks ago

    i keep most of my scraps of writing.

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