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Is it likely for a lost cat to contract rabies?

My cat went missing for several months and, during that time, her rabies shot lapsed. We just got her back a couple of days ago and haven't had the chance to get her shots updated yet. She has already accidentally scratched us and licked a cut I had at one point. She was found amongst a feral colony that an auto shop cares for, so I imagine she has been in contact with ferals and sharing food with them. She is acting normal, but today while we were out, one of the cats vomited frothy bile. I don't know if it was her or one of our other cats since we weren't home. I know frothing is a sign of rabies, but none of them are frothing now, and I don't know if frothy vomit is also a sign. Should I be concerned, since she's already scratched us etc. or is it unlikely for her to have contracted it in that time?

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    Some cat facts -- if there was any chance your cat had rabies the colony would have rejected her, and fast.  Cats rarely get rabies as they instinctively avoid other animals and even prey with rabies.  Rabies shots are much longer-lasting than "professionals" claim...a study done in France showed the 2- and  3-year vaccine actually is effective at preventing rabies for up to seven years.  Foaming at the mouth is different than frothy bile, would be evident all the time, and is one of the later signs of rabies in cats...the first symptoms you'd see in a rabid cat is it walking around like a drunken sailor then avoidance of water and food.  I'd be more concerned about worms and other parasites.  Your cat is okay, and both of you are lucky she was found and is now home, so enjoy!  If she isn't microchipped, please do so as very few cats that go missing are ever reunited with their humans unless they're chipped.  You can relax.

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    Rabies is pretty rare but how about keeping your cat indoors so it doesn't end up dead? Your cat more likely already has FIV, FeLV and/or distemper not to mention the fact it will end up run over by a car, eaten by a coyote, etc.

    How sad that you care so little for this cat that even though it was gone for several MONTHS you're STILL letting it free roam. It deserves a better life than with someone like you that clearly doesn't give a damn about it. Since you don't care about it give it u to a no-kill shelter.

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    If your cat dies within the next 14 days. Then I would seriously worried but in the meantime treat your cat is if it was quarantined don't pet it too closely don't pick it up keep an eye on your cat rabies manifest itself one of two ways the paralytic kind which will cause your cat to start staggering around and staying close to a wall or an object in order to keep itself on its feet or it will get me an aggressive and violent and start snapping and biting at things. another thing you want to do is wait till it's dark and shine a flashlight at your cat's eyes if your cat's eyes appear red in the dark. It could be a sign that your cats infected with rabies. Rabies gives red eyes in the dark. If you see red eyes in the dark don't panic but take yourself to a doctor and tell them that your cat has scratched you and was living with a feral colony and it has red eyes in the dark and you're worrying about possible rabies exposure it's better to get the first shot of the series. Then wait.

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    No. It is extremely unlikely.

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