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Why could she have bit me?

This girl I like went to a party with my friends and I Saturday night and we got pretty drunk. We talked most of the night and just hung out alone. On the ride home she sat next to me in the middle sit (we were alone in the backseat) she had her head resting on my shoulder and just randomly she bit me on the shoulder. If kind of hurt at first but then felt really good. I honestly didn’t know what to do so I just laughed a bit, but didn’t do anything else. She got dropped off and nothing else happened and now I’m just wondering what it was about. I like her but she has this guy she’s kind of seeing so I’m not really making any moves on her. I’ll probably see her tomorrow at school (we don’t have any classes together so it’s not for sure). Any advice?

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    Flirt with her a bit. Not too direct. See what she says. If she flirts back or gives you some hot looks, go for it. If not, maybe she bit you just because she felt that way (happened to me, still can't explain it...)

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