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Why does my friend do this?

I’ve known my friend for about 5 years now and he’s liked me more then a friend on and off. My friends have said it and plus he admitted that he liked me. I told him I only see him as a friend, so we both agreed to stay as friends. However, he’s always making sexual remarks at me. For example, I could be choking on a piece of ice and he’ll say something sexual. He also has done the same thing to one of our other close friend but not as much. He’s done this multiple times and he even sometimes grabs my head and pretends like I’m sucking you know what. I don’t know if this is a guy thing or what not lol. We’re both 19 as well. 

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  • Sparky
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    4 weeks ago

    Tell him it is embarrassing and unacceptable

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    OH look.   It's our "Why" troll.  Surprise!

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