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introducing my cats is not going well. I really need help.?

to cut a long story short my first cat I had from around 8 weeks she is now around one and half years.

so around two months ago I thought it would be a good idea to get a male cat for her, so I did research on how to introduce cats before doing so.

I got the house ready sectioned of one room of the house for the new cat, left it a few days done meetings between doors, gave them food and treats same time I even built a door to fit into the door way for them to see each other.

first it was hissing between the female to the male after a couple of weeks the hissing stopped I removed the door allowed them to see each other there was some biting and hitting I couldn't tell if it was aggression or not so they was separated and every couple of days I would allow them to see each other, but It has never been for more then 5 minutes.

now recently the male who I got him at 10 weeks so he is almost maybe 5 months or so is pinning my cat down on her back and she is unable to get up even though he is still a kitten he seems to be able to over power her.

I can not tell if this is aggression or what but it has only started recently he left puncture wounds on her neck. they have never been able to spend more then a few minutes without me having to separate them, also so hard to move freely day to day without worrying one will get to the other and escaping its becoming more stressful and I'm desperate to resolve it without having to get rid of the new cat. I have tried everything.

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    If they aren't fixed, this is probably 90% of the problem. He's trying to get it on with her. 

    If they are fixed, most of those introductions that say you should do things the proper way are basically all saying that when the time comes for the cats to "have it out," it'll be less severe than just plopping everyone in a room together. Hissing, spitting, biting, batting, all NORMAL when they are trying to establish who's who, as Mel put. What is NOT normal is ears back, claws out, yowling, and almost fusing together when they fight. A real cat fight is really nasty. The cats don't really let go of each other and are out for blood. Also, it's not common for one to pin down the other. This still happens with my boys and they have been together for 2+ years. The baby will pin down my older boy, get his kicks in, let him up, then they chase each other for hours through the house, batting, biting, rolling, then let each other up. 

    What's creating MORE stress is you at your wits end trying to separate them and keeping them apart. Again, many MANY cats, no matter how much you do the proper introductions, will still "have it out" with each other. It's pretty much unavoidable. Both my boys did and they got over it with zero bloodshed. Oh, there were times that I was worried, sure, but I let them figure each other out, establish their OWN boundaries with each other, and it's been peaceful for 2 years, after a few days of battling it out. Your boy is also still a kitten and rough housing is going to be his norm for a few more months yet. You have another cat for him to take it out all on. VERY common with kittens and cats. The kitten is being a kitten. Your cat has to let him what's acceptable and what's not. 

    Again, my kitten was coming into a home when my other cat was about 2 or so. Same thing happened. Kitten would hone in on him and well, be a rough and tumble kitten. My other boy is very tolerant, but up to a point. When the kitten would go too far, he would rear up, hiss, and pop the kitten on the head. Kitten knew better than to press at that point and would walk away after my cat put him in his place. 

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    Are they fixed? Is the male cat grabbing her neck from behind? If she was just recently fixed or if he is NOT fixed he could still be trying to mate with her...My female cat was NOT fixed but my male cat was and he was still trying to mate with her. 

    Cats also may take some time to figure out the pecking order in your house. I have 3 cats and just added a kitten, for a while we do supervised because there is a lot of hissing and running away. Occasionally there is a lot of swatting but we try to remove before that happens..but they will eventually figure out who is who, etc before they all start getting along.

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