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I'm supposed to go on a trip to El Salvador with my roommates after graduating. Not sure I wanna go tho, background:

Originally my best friend (a roommate) and I were talking of going on a road trip to Grand Canyon, but then one of our roommates invited us to Salvador because he has family there and it would be cheaper. I only said yes because my best friend was excited to.

Now some family stuff has come up around that time for my best friend and he can't go. He let me know first and said he didn't want to just abandon me or anything but that he couldn't go. 

No matter what I say knowing him he will tell me still go and enjoy myself. Thing is, I don't really want to go if he's not going and will feel bad going without him. And I can't afford/have enough leave at work to do both trips. If I talk to him about it (should I?), What should I say?

Thanks and sorry it was long 

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    Tell him exactly what u want don’t sugar coat anything and that’s that. Being honest isn’t hard what’s hard is what your doing right now worrying about saying how u feel. U have to do what’s right for u. Not what’s right everyone

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    youve already asked this. get a life

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