Is it out of order to phone a collegue when they are on leave/day off? ?

Basically a few days ago I was at work (in healthcare) and my collegue was on annual leave. He sent a text early in the morning informing me he was on leave that day/apologised for not telling me sooner and telling me what needed doing and said ‘around if you need to call me’. I assumed that this just meant in the morning for a discussion about patients or something. Anyway at 2pm that day i was in a bit of a crises/not sure what to do or where a piece of equipment was located that i needed so i rang him. He helped but I cant stop feeling ashamed, slightly incompetant and out of order for disturbing him on his day off. 

Do you think its out of order or am i making a bigger deal than its worth?

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  • 1 month ago

    He told you he was around if you needed to call him. You needed to call him, he was there and he helped you with your enquiry. If he hadn't anticipated that a problem or two might arise while he was away, he would not have told you to call him. He sounds like a great person to work with. Buy him a small gift for when he returns to say "thanks". A box of chocolates or a bottle of wine would be appropriate.

    • Tam1 month agoReport

      Thanks, yes he is very down to earth, i’l say thanks ive a feeling he would think it was odd if i took a bottle of wine though. I could be wrong.

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