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The guy blushed when he found out I drew him?

 I had made a drawing about the two of us hugging each other, without clothes, from the waist and above. I had my face buried in his chest so that only my back and hair were visible, while he was facing the viewer. As he saw it because my friend showed it to him, he was at loss of words and blushed in a worried way staring at it. He asked if I did that, I couldn't answer and I just looked down, he asked 'why?' But when I was about to answer a friend of his came in and said and grabbed him by the arm saying they were late for the lift and whilr he was dragging him by the coat he kept staring at me with this disbelieved face and his eyebrows raised up. Does he like me? Why did he react this way? He didn't get mad nor was happy

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    He thinks you're weird, and so do we

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