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Is she too easy-going for me?

A woman that I like is in her 30s and she seems real nice and modest with a low self esteem. Not to be judgemental, but women are quite confident in their 30s. She likes me but does not really show it. She has only got one person that she trusts a lot, a male gay friend.

There is chemistry between us but she does not take dating so seriously. She has never been in a relationship. Her biggest passions in life are travelling, her job and helping others. She has studied a lot, travelled alone in the world, had a low-paying job for 3 years. She is introverted, has been stressed from working hard but has done great.

She is attracted to men, like me. She also knows I like her, but she just does not make herself available enough and barely sends any signals. I appreciate that she is comfortable being single and I have been patient. Still, we do not get closer to each other like this. Is she perhaps too easy-going considering her age and the future?


She gets sad if I do not show her attention, she does trust me to some degree.

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  • 1 month ago

    She's just expecting you to do the leading, get to it.

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  • 1 month ago

    Yes,she's too easy going for you.

    There are millions of other women single.

    Get one.

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