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What does this mean? Why did we end up like that and why did I feel so weird?

My boyfriend and I had a moment of passion for the first time, he started to kiss me and couldn't stop, he ended up on me, his hands tangled up in mines and we were kissing like that, with our hands above our hands, he kissed me and looked at me with the most beautiful look ever, his eyes were shiny, sad and happy at the same time. He kept on kissing me and nuzzling me on neck and chest. He made me feel happy and guilty at the same time, I had never felt something like this before. What was that? Why did I like it but was so afraid to let it go further? 

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  • 8 months ago

    Because you knew it was going to lead to having sex with him. You really got turned on, that's the way it should be every time you have sex, your vagina was wet when you quit, wasn't it? Could you not feel his erection? BTW, when you feel like you did, penetration is much easier, his penis will slide in your vagina much easier and less painful, it would've probably felt very good to yo when he put it in. It's a wonder that fire wasn't shooting out his eyes. :)

  • 8 months ago

    It means you are thinking of marriage.

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