Should we (Man Utd) go in for a proven experienced top quality striker in the transfer window, would such a player come cheap ?

Rashford might burn out at some point, we cannot let him carry the entire weight and expectations of the fans on his own shoulders given hes just 22.

we need a striker or a forward who is dynamic, strong and technicaly good with a proven goal scoring record at the highest level.

i fear such a player will NOT come cheap.

problem is, who the hell is out there to buy because I have no idea.

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  • 8 months ago
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    Controversial opinion: I think we desperately need a midfielder FAR more than a striker at the moment. Sure, it looks bad on paper, but our forwards aren't doing too terrible. What I cannot handle, currently, is another game with Pereira starting in midfield, JUST SIGN BRUNO, DAMMIT!!!! 

    With that being said, I hear Cavani just handed in his transfer request and his contract expires this summer. Would be a solid signing, as he is a proven experienced top quality striker.

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