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What do you recommend I do or say? (Will award best answer)?

So I'm a senior in college; at the beginning of the year, my best friend and I mentioned going on a road trip to the Grand canyon after graduating. Then one of our roommates (close friends) invited all 4 of us to go to El Salvador after graduating since he has family there (a lot cheaper). Didn't really want to, but my best friend was excited so I said yes too.

Now after saying yes my best friend has had a lot going on and will have some family stuff going on at that time across the country, so now he can't go. He felt bad about it and told me first saying he didn't want to abandon me or anything

I will feel bad going without him. Knowing him no matter what he'll tell me I should go and have a good time, but I still won't feel right about it. I haven't talked to him about it, what do you think? Should I ask him? 

Btw I can't do both trips because I only have a week of leave at work. Thanks!

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