Predict the FINAL P/W/D/L/F/A/PTS stats for Liverpool at the end of this season - will this team go unbeaten ?

This is how i see it finishing for us:

Premier League 2019-20 Champions:Liverpool

P 38 W37 D1 L0 F101 A17 PTS 112

112 points from a possible of 114 ! ^_^



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  • August
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    1 month ago

    Very impressive Aces

    But can you beat Man City's most wins on the trot of 20 ? eh ? Pardon 

  • Depends on how they do in the Champions League/FA Cup. If they go out in the 4th/5th round of the FA Cup and get knocked out in the R16/QF stage of the FA Cup, then the league is really it for them, at which point I think they could easily hit 100 points. Still think they will have a few draws and if they go deep into the Champions League there are a few weeks where they could drop points by virtue of prioritisation. 100 points is still very much doable (they have trips to Citeh, Arsenal and home to Chelski; they're done with United/Sheff Utd/Leicester/Spurs).

    The other factor is relegation teams; do they effectively put out a B team against Liverpool and "save" their players for games that are more winnable?

    • August
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      1 month agoReport

      relegation teams just don't do that@Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought!

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