HONDA FIT OWNERS does your honda fit run good and does the engine strain when going more than 60 mph?

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  • Anton
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    7 months ago
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    I don't have the Fit, I have a Fortwo Cabrio, a convertible.  I will NOT own a vehicle with a closed roof.

    My Fortwo has a 3-cylinder 1 liter 70 bhp engine.  On the freeway I back off at 85 mph.  It is not strained.   I drive frisky in the city, very few people outrun me at the green light.

    The Fit has a 4-cylinder 1.5 liter 128 bhp engine.  In IMHO, it is over powered.  At 80 mph it will be loafing.

    I would HOPE that it can do at least 120 mph, but why you need it I have no idea. 

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