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G R asked in Computers & InternetSoftware · 8 months ago

My desktop Win 10 computer shuts down when idling and closing all my programs? See below?

I will have several programs open Word/Excel....Quicken... and i go away for a hour or so and my computer normally goes to sleep and awakens normally. Now it more or less shuts off, closing all open programs, browsers to where i have to tap the power button to get it to start up.

I haven't changed the power/sleep settings they have been fine, but i did adjust them, restarted and put them back to normal (didn't work).

Date and time are ok

Uninstalled and reinstalled the display adapter

I've done the sfc /scannow, DISM Scans (all ok) checked for updates...

Has anybody experienced this can you help fix this?

2 Answers

  • keerok
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    8 months ago

    I never was a fan of Sleep and Hibernate. Even with my laptops, I usually shut down when I have to leave the computer for long periods. How hard can that be?

    What I noticed though is that some of the older motherboards have problems following the sleep and hibernate routines and will indeed just shut down for simplicity's sake. There may be a BIOS update or a fix in the motherboard's brand's official website. Another way to go about it is to ask the store you bought the computer from.

  • Pearl
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    8 months ago

    i would take it to a computer place and let them fix it

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