Did Trump join the Republican Party because he knew Democrats were too smart to believe his message?

Trump was once a Democrat until 2011.

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  • 8 months ago
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    It is hard to say for sure, Trump for Prison 2020. However, the malignantly narcissistic Donald Trump, like his slumlord KKK-member father before him, has no moral compass and has always been an opportunist, aligning with whichever power structure was in place for purposes of manipulating the variables in his corrupt and corrupting favor.  Once the Russian MAFIA actively began implanting Russian spies from Putin's inner MAFIA circle to live as "Americans" (22 of them were exposed during the Obama administration and deported, as highlighted in "BLOWOUT" by Rachel Maddow), the Republican party (seized by fanatics in Reagan days) was targeted as was the NRA as a "way in" to undermining democracy on Putin's orders.  Trump, ever greedy due to a mistaken idea from his emotionally bankrupt childhood that "money is power", was susceptible to blackmail---especially with Trump's predilection to lechery to "prove" his 5'10" insecure self was "manly" when secretly he feared he was not.  KGB-trained Vladimir Putin played Trump like a fiddle, and it is my educated guess Trump became a "Republican" to help Putin carry out his plan to seize power by committing acts of war against us (The Mueller Report; 35-year CIA counterespionage expert Malcolm Nance: "The Plot to Destroy Democracy"), and then peddling a KOMPROMAT (blackmailed, deeply in debt to Russia) dope for the highest office in the land, U.S. President.  Trump is a snake---the proverbial EDEN SNAKE---who will shape-shift and slither to whichever side will feed his gigantic ego.

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    8 months ago

    I recently saw an old clip of Trump in the 90's and he said back then he was Republican. Look it up on Youtube. Democrats and most of the world loved him back then but back then people were not as psychotic and tribal and both Democrats and Republicans were more racist and both sides were anti-LGBT.  You cant accurately view the past through a modern lens.

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  • 8 months ago

    Yes, he did because he is a renowned business man

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Maybe the Democratic Party just got a little stale for him because it wasn’t corrupt enough. 

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  • 8 months ago

    Nope , he decided he would no longer align as a democrat as many did when they became the Anti American domestic terrorist they are today .

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Trump went back and forth from Republican to Democrat many times over the years.

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  • goring
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    8 months ago

    The present President showed that you don't have to be a politician to do the Right thing

    Basically some can be too smart and stupid at the same time.

    If the message was to save this country from economical disaster,he did the right thing.

    Poor people and minorities now have jobs and are able to eat.

  • ron h
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    8 months ago

    Republican donors are easy:  Promise them an tax cut and they'll follow you to Moscow. (they used to care about debt and deficit, too)

  • blu
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    8 months ago

    Fact checkers have documented over 15,000 cases of trump misinformation and lies. Trumpsters are one of the following:

    1) Too unintelligent to learn the truth.

    2) They know trump is a pathological liar but don't care because he's on their team.

    3) They align with and applaud his evil as birds of a feather.

    The dems would have held trump accountable long ago as a representative of them. It would have never worked.

    Understand, trump's lying, attacks on democracy, messages of nationalistic hate, reprehensible fiscal irresponsibility etc. are now part of the GOP image.


    Gigi- The fact checkers today are in the history books tomorrow. It's consistently the right wing denouncing history, science etc. because they don't like how infrequently  facts are on their side and consider their opinion more important. This is what authoritarianism running amok looks like. Hitler did the same thing preaching fallacy to willing listeners who preferred being told what they want to hear instead of facts.

    "Tell them and they believe ... they just do" ... -trump (according to Billy B).

    His BS and lies insult my intelligence because I was blessed to be born w/ enough of it to get offended.

    Trump's horrible character is now the face of GOP image ... so sad. They didn't hold him accountable when they knew they couldn't defend his severe misconduct. The Constitution specifically includes bribery as an impeachable offense. The founding fathers tremendously feared a US tyrant seeking foreign influence to forward his political agenda. Trump is what the founding fathers feared most when they wrote the impeachment parameters into the Constitution.

  • 8 months ago

    oh yes he like Johnson  change parties  to suit their ambitions,  and we might have had Johnson the labour prime minister now if labour looked has if it could win a general election . 

     but Johnson fisting the air saying lets HAVE a Donald trump Iran nuclear deal and has he any idea how that makes him and this country look ? POODLE ...

    so Trump wants to be Mr big guy  and a new deal would see him win a second term for  sure and Trump knows  IRAN  cannot  turn down a deal with this  WAR MONGER  in the white house.  

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