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Can a bo (Martial art weapon) kill a wolf or a mountain lion?

Incase I'm in the forest with no firearm and these wild animals attack me. Can it still be used to kill?

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    Yes it is possible. It can be used in many ways.

    It can be used to distance, poke, swing and strike.

    FYI David knows not of what he speaks.

    A poke or stab if you will is NOT the more powerful strike. The only way for that would be to have a pointy sharp end.

    The most powerful strike is a downward strike. Not the one you normally see. This 1 the lead arm does some serious downward striking.

    It all depends on your grip and hand position on what kind of strike you are going to do.

    This is why instruction with a competent instructor is fr better than videos.

    And those strike you swing with are actually more powerful than the poking strike.

    It is in the physic and mechanics of the strike.

    No need to argue on that.

    Source(s): 30+ years of martial sciences, former USMC
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    8 months ago

    Only by an extremely skilled user of that weapon. A Master. Sounds like you are not, so I'll be betting on the mountain lion.

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    8 months ago

    doubt it I doubt it could kill a human. Just dont kill animals

  • Bon
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    8 months ago

    First of all, being attacked by wild animals is a vary rare thing and usually involves a tenderfoot approaching what they think is a cute cuddly young animal and provoking its mother to attack. And if you anger an animal's mom, a simple bo which a staff is not going to save your life. A weapon cannot kill if the person using it does not know how to use it. And if you were attacked by a wolf, if means there are other wolves because wolves attack in a pack - that's where we get the word "wolf pack". And if you are attacked by a wolf pack, you are dead meat if the only thing you have is bo.

    As for using it against a mountain lion, the best you can hope for is to keep it at a distance because the reflex of felines are all much faster than human reflexes.

    If you were at

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  • 8 months ago

    The most powerful move with a bow is not in swinging it, but in jabbing it. You'd ideally want to turn it into a spear too. With a wolf or mountain lion, you have a very narrow Target, and very few points in which you could disabled them with a bow alone. You'd have to jab them right in the mouth, immediate following with a move that smashes their jaw in the ground breaking it. or... crush their Rib cage immediately following a move that grounds them. It'd be difficult, attach a spear head however, and it'd be easy with a little practice. Is carrying a spear attachment out of the question  here?

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