What do you think about JERSEY SHORE ? WHAT is the best and what is the worst character of the serie ? For me best JWOWW,worst =deena?

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    They have new ones now since 2018. Jersey Shore Family Vacation which I do like and liked other one aswell.

    Best: Snooki and JWoww are best and some of the guys are also cool/funny.

    Worst: Angelina..I don't like her and didn't in Jersey Shore! Also she was making it to look like JWoww's ex bf 24 or whatever his name is..was flirting with her but if u look carefully she is a snake and is actually putting herself against 24 when JWoww is passed out drunk and she say's that HE put his hands on her..if u look she did that first and no one seems to say anthing about that.

    I liked all except Angelina, Ronnie haha his actual name is Ronald 😂 also didn't like Sammi.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Yeah! Let's be 10 YEARS out of date! 

    Dude...nobody cares about the past...esp Jersey Shore.

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