Will I get into UCLA with a non-weighted 3.82 GPA?

My high-school has a pretty rigorous program and I am only at my sophomore year and I estimate to have a 3.82 non-weighted GPA by the end of my 2 years. I will probably keep the same GPA for the rest of my high school education. I’m taking 6 periods which consists of Honors chemistry (which will become AP second semester), English and math honor, spanish 3, AP comp science and finally AP world history.


My high school only weighs AP classes btw. They don’t weigh honor classes for some reason.

Update 2:

And I had all A’s freshmen year but of course nothing was weighted since we weren’t able to do AP classes.

Update 3:

And i know i need a good SAT score but assuming I get a good one

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    when you apply to a university, the department of that university will have their requirements.   You will have to meet those requirements.  Every major has their own requirements.   If you now already have a major you want to take in future, it is better to check with the Admission office before it is too late.  

    FYI, GPA is not enough.  You also need to get a good score on your SAT test.  

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