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I’m 24 and need a fresh start what do I do?

My whole life I never knew what my purpose was. I went to school to be an actuary and nothing came from it. I joined the ironworkers for a year and a half and was killing my body and I was miserable so I quit. Now I have no job and am back to square one. I really don’t know what to do with my life or what my purpose is. Sometimes I feel I’m better off dead because I don’t gave any direction or skill. I’m just out of answers.

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    Sit down and write what you wish to do,

    read it a few times.

    Then the one you picked,do whatever to become it.

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    Well, you already restarted once by becoming an ironworker, so you do know how to restart. If I was in your shoes, I'd meet with a therapist to get help with finding direction, but also do some volunteer work, look into weekend courses and seminars, take up some hobbies, and get more involved in life to see what draws you in. Also, in terms of thinking about career, at least write down what you know is important to you (e.g., good location, a good mix of people, a job that involves working with customers, a job where you use your hands, etc.). That will give you some clues about direction. Sometimes, if we work with people we enjoy, we learn to like a job as a career over time.

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    breathing, staying alive means that you are not yet finish with your purpose. start with what you have. what are the skills God has given you. from there nourish it, cultivate it and make money out of it. your additional income will surely be a great help to your family. dont give up. i know someday youll be accomplishing your purpose because God is so focus on you and he want you to be happy with what you do. so soon just wait and work for it. you are capable!!

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    Life is not like a game of Mario. There is no real Restart. There is no Reboot. There is no Refresh. Even if you think you are starting all over again, everything in the past affects who you are now. It is up to you to use that past to make yourself stronger today and build a better future. Don't give up. Just do what you think you must. Help is always there where you least expect it.

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