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Parents - How would you feel about your young daughter "befriending" adult men?

I am a gay male in my mid thirties. Recently , a 16 year old girl was hired at my workplace.

At this point , sexuality is not important. I'm more concerned about the age appropriateness of this situation.

The girl , I find is a bit too friendly and clingy to both myself and I'm sure other older men.

The girl leans over me to hug me . She offers me rides home from work.

And she tells me that she wishes to work directly alongside of me within close proximity .

At what point are boundaries crossed , and when should I express my concerns to management?

I have been ignoring the girl's unwelcome behavior. Only because I don't want to hurt her feelings by saying to her "You're too friendly. You should involve yourself with kids your own age."

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    The girl has a crush on you, and she isn't old enough or mature enough yet to have learned correct boundaries. It's normal for someone her age to have a "crush" on someone your age- we all experience that at some point as we grow up. But what's not normal is her behavior towards you, which is totally inappropriate for the workplace. Her age is a problem, too. I'm surprised she was hired to work around adults. Most companies don't hire minors, especially minors who are under the age of consent, because it's too much of a liability for them. There are also the child labor laws to consider- a kid this age belongs in school, and indeed, I am sure she's required to spend at least part of every day in school.

    What you need to do is report her behavior to HR (NOT to your or her supervisor, who may use this as an excuse to fire or otherwise hurt the girl) and let them handle the situation. Stick to facts only in your report.

    DO NOT continue to ignore the unwanted sexual behavior. That's illegal under the law, and the girl needs to be told to cut it out, or she could wind up in serious trouble. But that is not your role, which is why you need to get HR involved here.

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    If she's making you uncomfortable then she's gone too far already. Personally I would never want any kid of mine getting friendly with someone older.

    In your situation it may be best for you to approach your manager because she's making you uncomfortable. It appears she needs to learn about appropriate behaviour in a work environment.

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    Yeah, nothing about that story rings true.

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    I might otherwise believe this story, except the user posts anonymously.  Therefore, I must assume that the story is the fabrication of a troll.  Sorry!!! 

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