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How much can social media ruin/destroy a friendship or relationship?

So for example, like today, I did a chili cook off with a group of friends. We’re adults, at the end of the day, my friend got “iced” and I showed a simple video of my friend having to chug a Smirnoff Ice. I’m kind of ranting here, but i feel like people are quick to judge that at my age, even though I didn’t do it and we were all casually drinking, that I’m “not responsible” or others I know might see me and be like “he’s not fit to be a man” or “fit to be a father figure”, etc. I’m just out having fun and living life and didn’t do anything irresponsible. But is it just me but do others get this perception that when others are scoping out your social media that there is initial though of who you are, but then after a few views of stories and posts that a new perception of you is created and deteriorating who you really are in the other persons mind? This is just something random that crosses my mind and curious what other people’s take is on the broad subject of social media and overall perception.

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