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How do teachers react to this?

If they tell a student they want to like the school and the class they are teaching them in but then when the student becomes an adult and they tell the teacher they didn't like the school and class how would the teacher react?

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    no reaction needed

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    It depends on the scenario. If you just come out of the blue, visit the teacher at school and tell them you didn't like the school or the class, they would probably think something is wrong with you.

    If you say them at a social gathering or something like that and you started talking and brought it up then they probably wouldn't think that much about it.

    Of course teachers want students to enjoy their time at school and specifically in their class, but no teacher is stupid enough to think that every student they ever had liked them, the class and/or school

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    Students have a lot of teachers throughout their "school years" so I don't think they'd care much or have a reaction. As a teacher, I wouldn't think much of it.

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    10 months ago

    I would think, given the years gone by and the several other generations of students taught, they would not care eitherway, thank you for the vote down and have a good evening

    Source(s): Sister is a teacher for past 25 years
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