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Why does she and her old friends act like this?

I once met a girl who I found attractive. She also seemed to like me but she was so stressed most of the time and had some form of social anxiety. We never got together because she moved and could not tell me in time. She did not move far but I have not seen her, just her old friends.

I have also been in an accident after she moved, but recovered fully. She knows about this and she also knows that I have been interested in her. According to her old friends she is still interested in me. Given the circumstances, there is not a reason for her to be so shy and just come visit one day. For some reason, her friends have also seemed really sad lately after I had my accident. I feel like I don't understand this whole situation, why do they all act like this?


Her friends sometimes talk about her when I am near them for example but I do not have her contact info.

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    No doubt because they care about you

    Please make contact with this women thanks.

    Teach her relaxation of the mind as one very

    Gentle suggestion said in a non blaming way ok?

    Like “ when l see your anxious l feel unhappy

    What might help is sketching mindfulness “

    Please see Shoo Rayner on you tube ok?


    Very Best Wishes


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    Ask them where she lives and go see her.

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    maybe you need to ask them this question

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