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How to state your sins in confession?

Fo you use transition words such as moreover, next, then, in addition, to add on, also, etc? Do you be as specific as possible, such as “One of my sins is pushing my friend sally during class and then making fun of her about it”? Do you be more vague? Or is there a specific way to list your sins? How many do we usually do? I usually do more broad topics such as not doing my homework or not being a nice to my parents. However, I usually end up taking way less time than all the other people. Am I doing something wrong? Please, any advice would be appreciated, thank you!

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    Experienced confessors might be able to distill their sins down into general headings like, "Dear Father, I committed the sin of envy", etc. But priests can decipher whatever you hand them as they go to school for years to learn their job.

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