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How do you deal if pretty much everyone hates you even though you're at least mildly good looking?

Ok so I've been told I look good , hot and could be a model before. I don't dress revealing though. I hav 0 friends whatsoever and sometimes my throat actually hurts after I've had to speak more than a few sentences to people (because it so rarely happens).

There's not a clear reason for why people see to avoid and hate me. It goes against me being supposedly attractive.

Only thing weird is probably that I'm awkward and quiet in conversation but thats because I've been selectively mute since I was a kid (obviously now its not nearly as bad), and a result of having no friends since high school (where i would sit alone in the cafeteria during lunches after the few "friends" i thought i had literally abandoned me out of the blue and decided to pretend i wasnt even talking to them one day...that hit hard and i decides to not bother them and just resign to being a loner).


Am a female

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    Where did you EVER get the idea that people liking you and being attractive are synonymous? Some of the most popular people in every high school do not look like models- but they're fun and friendly. That's why people like them. Stop focusing on your looks. Focus on being friendly and making other people feel good. Compliment them. Talk about things they're interested in. I know a selectively mute girl- she doesn't have a lot of friends, but she and my daughter have been friends for years because they laugh a lot together and have fun. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Yeah, whatever you want to believe Snowflake.

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