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Why does Scottish people want independence? Even if they joined a union all the way back in 1707?

I mean how long is this 312 year old union between Scotland and England (aka the UK) gonna last for? Is it gonna last for another 15-20 years or something?

Everyone who is alive nowadays grew up with Scotland being part of the UK..

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    The Scots want independence because they are tired of being run by an incompetent administration in England.  Brexit has been the last straw.  Scotland voted heavily to remain in the EU.  We'll probably see the break-up of the UK within the next 5 years.

    The union of England and Scotland came about when England ran out of monarchs and had to share one with Scotland. It is likely that the British monarch will remain head of state of an independent Scotland, just as she is over 31 other realms.

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    I think it is a major problem that the UK is not a federal system. Instead, it is a union dominated by England. England is bigger than all the other parts of the UK put together.

    In elections, Scotland doesn't get what it votes for. If Scotland votes for a left wing party while England votes Conservative (as often happens) Scotland gets a Conservative government imposed upon it. Likewise, Scotland voted Remain and England voted Leave in the 2016 referendum and Scotland is going to have Leave imposed upon it.

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    There are various reasons why we want to see the country regain its independence. But fundamentally, many of us believe the decisions that effect Scotland should be made within the country and by a govt. who we elect. That's how it works in most normal countries.

    Currently it matters not one jot how we vote in a Westminster general election. It has no bearing whatsoever on the govt. we receive.

    I would suggest that independence will commence within 5 years.

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    No, because all those Scots born before the 18th century should be given a vote, as should 14 year olds as the SNP proposes.

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    Scottish people tend to favor the EU so if the UK leaves that body the vote tally on a new referendum for devolution might come out differently than it did last time.

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    i think the real question is: "who really cares"...

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    cause everyone wants independence

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    They had a referendum a couple of years ago and they all agreed that would be the last one. The vote was to stay. They cannot keep having them until the leave side wins. 

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    Because those people did originally live in scotland u.k.

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