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What is it when someone presumes and think that a person can't do anything on their own and need someone else to do things for them?

Like they can't do things on their own when they can. People just have a problem fro them to do things on their own and etc. Then make it so that other people believe their lies and label you as such. What is it about the person that others want to thought and seem as helpless like they can't do things for themselves when in fact they can. 


Like you need to depend or rely or someone or date someone for them to do for you and the person don't date for that the person can do things themselves dating or not. Etc etc . But not just that just in general as well.

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    You might have to educate these folk on your

    strengths and say “ No thanks for offering 


    Hope you sort this.


    Very Best Wishes 


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    Patronising? Controlling? If it seems like that person is taking over and doing stuff for you so you can't do it on your own, it may be that they're trying to make you reliant on them. They fear losing you.

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    People ho may be up to no good control others that way

    and it is termed `conditioned helplessness`,

    because by being subject to thinking/ doing little for you

    you are being conditioned to lose your autonomy/ trust in your own

    autonomy, and abilities and choices by over-relying upon another's standards to guide you like an infant would be guided..

    but toward growth, not toward helplessness .    

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    This is a form of abuse, and it's about controlling the victim as well as how others see the victim. When someone convinces someone else that they can't do anything on their own, people become dependent on him or her as they start to believe that they can't survive on their own. It's about destroying their self-esteem and ruining their lives as well as their reputation

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    9 months ago

    "Liberalism". It's the whole "liberal leader / minority constituent" dynamic!

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