Salah's goal vs Watford was WORLD CLASS but LOL @ watford missing sitters ?

should be LIV 1 WAT 2 but its not lol

: ))

YEAH cmon you REDS we're winning ! ^_^



the goal was clinical, not quite as good as the one against Salzburg but still world class nonetheless.

Still TOP of the league it seems like, so easy lol

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    10 months ago
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    hi there Aces, nice to see back on here.

    my first impressions of that game, great result yes but there were moments where Watford should have put us to the sword had they taken their chances.

    They had us in serious trouble on a few occasions despite being out classed on counter attacks and superior finishing.

    this is why teams get beat by us - they struggle to hold their nerve against us in the final third and don't make us pay for mistakes nor do they make their good spells of posession in the final third count.

    if  you dont take your chances against us guess what - we'll take ours.

    Final Score - LIVERPOOL 2 WATFORD 0

    yes another 3 points in the bag - beautiful stuff we're going all the way now

    JFT96 YNWA


  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    britfag loser  

  • August
    Lv 6
    10 months ago

    You were lucky that the shed load of donkey forwards were firing blanks. It could have easily have been 3-1 to Watford before Salah's lucky second. I'am suprised you didn't have a moan about VAR on Mane's goal. Yes Salah's 1st goal was great to watch but like you said, everyone will be out to beat you the second time round . I think Pearson will keep Watford up 

  • nah it wouldn't of been  ,  you understand the principle behind  "butterfly effect"?  other than it being a film obviously jeje,  well it's similar to that,  if anything changes at all even the slightest thing can have huge effects later in the timescale, though it's a phenomena because we can't actually time travel....p

    So the obvious thing here is, if they had scored let's say the first goal, (we didn't pay em enough of a bribe!  just joking..) it changes the playfield literally...because now the alarm bells ring, the flight or fight response kicks in from our lads and it becomes a different game, whether or not makes a difference to result, who knows?, i like to think it wouldn't  or that it may of been a higher scoring game, but it would of made a big difference to the way you see the rest of the match played out , ..but it's true we got our luck today and therefore it never came to a completely different situation....anyway Salah is coming bang into form right now just when Citee and Leicester, need him to be off form  lol,  happy's getting closer,  i can nearly smell it.....

    edit obviously they wouln't of rung that loud....given there would be no panic just yet...         lmfao....


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  • Maggie
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    10 months ago

    What goal do you mean?... Mo Salah 2-0 Watford. 

  • 10 months ago

    That's only Waterford. 5 more goals still possible

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Soccer is for developed countries like Britain 

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