Introverts... Do you agree with Extroverts logic??

When I first started work I would constantly have to listen to Extroverts tell introverts how to live their life. One of the things I found disgusting was Extroverts are the opposite of introverts and couldn't be worse to tell an introvert what to do.

Most introverts want to settle down and build a life as early as possible as it makes them happy. Most extroverts want to sleep around as they can't deal with commitment and just want casual.

But I found that all my friends who were introverts were being told that they HAD to sleep around before they settled down... We all didn't really want to but out of pressure all tried it and regretted it...

As I was around 30 most of these Extroverts were crying because they were either pregnant or had treated someone badly acting like they were just casual and lost them to someone else and suddenly life was unfair. And although the other introverts who saw this were happy they got what they deserved for causing us unnecessary pain none of us spoke down to them as a taste of their own medicine.

Are there any introverts who had something similar said to them and did you feel pressurised to doing something you regret when you knew you never wanted to do it.

And... was your biggest regret doing it OR knowing you decision wasn't your own because of stupid extroverts?

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  • 10 months ago
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    no i don't, i don't agree with anyone's philosophy except my own and maybe a few other introverts like myself.

  • 10 months ago

    My FWB is an introvert. He's been running around having as much sex as he could possibly have since he was young. He's not young now, and he's still at it! he's not shy, he's just an introvert and being an introvert doesn't mean a person is "shy". He's shy by no means.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    You can not blame your actions on anybody else in life, by doing so it shows extreme immaturity and a lack of being able to take responsibility for yourself. 

     I am an extrovert and I never “pushed my views” on introverts, I mainly hang out with other extroverts in the first place. 

     I don’t think this is really an “introvert/extrovert” problem you are talking about. 

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    I worked with a guy who was a hard core liberal.  He was not shy about trying to spread his hatred.  Like most liberals, he was also a thief.  I reported his stealing and he was fired immediately.  A month later he passed away.  Since he was such a loud obnoxious liberal hate-monger, not one person when to his funeral.  

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