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How can I get my baby to skeep in his crib without having to sleep on me?

I admit that my baby is spoiled. I always have to hold him because he cries If I put him down. Hes starting to get spoiled to the point where If hel falls asleep and you try to put him in his crib, he'll instantly wake up. But if you lay him on my shoulder while hes sleeping, he'll stay asleep. Its cute how he wants to sleep on my shoulder but It's also kind of irritating because he will only sleep if hes laying on me and it gets uncomfortable after a while and I toss and turn a lot throughout the night so its hard to sleep with him on my shoulder. I rather just have him sleep in his crib because I don't want him to have to only sleep on me to stay asleep but he wakes up instantly if you put him in his crib. Then he instantly falls asleep when he's laying on me.. how can I get him to be able to sleep in his crib without having to sleep on me. Hes 8 months old.

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  • Suzy Q
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    10 months ago

    There is a difference between spoiling a child and meeting a child's needs. Needing lots of physical comfort doesn't mean a baby is spoiled.

    Have you tried putting the crib right up against your bed, and letting him feel your touch (for instance your hand on his belly) until he falls back asleep? 

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