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After a person dies, their family/ friends mourn them for a year or two, is that person then essentially forgotten?

If so, in your opinion, is such a life that only found its significance in this way, then rendered meaningless?

Is "gone but not forgotten", true?

What's your opinion

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    Anyone who has read my answers will not be too surprised to see me respond by disagreeing with everyone who has answered and believing you are all wrong! The answer is yes.The problem lies in our incredible egotism combined with our stupidity. 

    Everyone here thinks in a time scale of a human life because we think we're the most important thing in the universe. How long have we been around to pollute and destroy the world? A million years? Two million years? The dinosaurs were around for ~160 million years. I suppose no one will even consider the possibility that we will cease to be here. After all, we are the dominant species, just as the dinosaurs were. I also suppose no one considers the incredible thought that we may not exist after another one thousand years......or a million. I personally don't think we'll survive another 500, (or less), but I don't imagine our fascination with ourselves and our innate  self-importance will permit anyone to consider that possibility. I also shouldn't be surprised at our arrogance; I've been aware of it for all of my adult life. 

    Everyone and everything will eventually be forgotten. It just takes time!

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    We all fade in time. Some, who may have contributed something famous to the world may be remembered for generations, but that's the extremely rare exception. Can anybody name, for example, the guy who invented seat belts, arguably one of the most life-saving things of all time? Hell, he or she may even still be alive -

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    The person is only forgotten if the other people who survive them didn’t have a very close relationship with them. Otherwise, they are never really dead to the person who still lives. They become a part of that person. The spirit is eternal. The body temporary.

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    But when the people that remember him dies, then the dead person is truly forgotten, except if they were famous. Remembering the past and the dead when all that really exists is in the here and now, is useless and meaningless.

    Our goal as humans is to find the eternal in the eternal Now and God; remembering the past is an impediment to the goal of the universe and creation and is an attachment to illusion and nothingness.

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    The things that people have done in the past have, to very significant degrees, determined the shape of the present, so it could be said that people who died long ago, and who no one now remembers, are forgotten but not gone. People leave traces of themselves: a lesson taught and passed down through generations, objects created, chains of events set into motion. Such things can be persistently consequential and meaningful.

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    My opinion is that you have much to experience and learn, mainly about yourself

  • My daughter committed suicide 5 years ago.  I had to let her go before this because, she was so ominously peccant but, it wasn't her fault.  I can only imagine how much she was suffering inside to cause others she loved so much grief.  

    I don't believe those who have gone before us are ever really forgotten but, we must let them go sometime and,  move forward. 

  • Ever wonder how cultures are formed?  A culture is a smattering of history of people that did something unique, and influenced those who came after them without their even being aware of it.  For example, Someone used each of these words for the first time, someone used a comb, or fork, or chop sticks for the first time.  Someone put a collar on a dog for the first time....And person in your family, many times deep in your family history, have the same type of influence on your current life.  As such, while a name or face may not be in someones memory, part of their essence is never forgotten.

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    In the end we'll all be forgotten, so my only goal in life is to make my life great, while simultaneously making other peoples lives great.

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    No. I lost my grandpa last year he’s not forgotten

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