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If Europe is laughing at Trump as the Biden claims, why did the UK elect a Trump look alike?

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    "Europe is laughing at Trump".

    Nope, just Leftists who believe what the International media tells them about Trump: Russian interference, Ukraine, Racism, etc. 

    These are the same people who protest against Democracy in the UK (Brexit). They can't deal with the fact that the silent majority have spoken and voted to leave. They want to keep voting again and again till they get the result they want. The same as American Leftists.

    Leftists don't represent all of Europe. Actually, I believe Europe is turning more and more to the right, no? Look at Italy, Eastern Europe, Vox in Spain becoming the third largest party, and now Boris Johnson winning the general election. 

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    1) It's not Trump's looks Europe is laughing about.

    2) Boris won bc his rival was even more unpopular.

  • Sally
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    9 months ago

    Even Boris Johnson avoided Trump at the NATO summit so he wouldn't get Trump's cooties.

  • 9 months ago

    Biden isnt the one saying that, the entire EU is 

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  • 9 months ago

    I personally wish that we weren't allowed to see the faces of our leaders, because all it does is bring out bias and warp our perception of them. Picking a leader should be based on their past actions and accomplishments, not how much they do or don't look like a president.

  • Yavan
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    9 months ago

    The U.K. could finalize its intention to leave the European Union as early as January.

    Two different visions of the world are now opposing one another.

    If you do markets now, do quick in and out. Don't stay in.

    The European Union will want to make an example of Britain and how the deals will change dramatically if you're the minority party.

    Mostly older generations are cheering for a return to the kind of world their parents and grandparents had to fight off, of strong national rivalries, trade wars, strongmen… 

    Wonderful stuff.

    Four years is NOT a long time.

    Deficits heading for 1.3 It's all on the credit card. 

    YOU talk about handouts. 

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Yeah, he's basically Trump Jr., So I guess Europe doesn't hate Trump just the traitor governments there?

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