would describe "America" still as an isolated place? people are not around other people nearly as much as in Europe? why?

America has always had this image of deserted land, isolation, whereas Europe there is so many people that people are living on top of each other literally, whereas in the USA and Canada, people still live isolated lives,,,how true and how affects people?

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    The United States has as much or more variation than all of Europe.We can say people in USA cities do not tend to know very many neighbors and instead value their privacy and available personal space.We can say that in the USA "How are you?" is a conversation starter rather than a question about someone's well-being unless they are a patient in a hospital.People in the USA create their own isolation.

    In housing or apartments, the USA has larger living spaces (but Australia is larger tan that).

    Europe covers about 10,180,000 square kilometres with a total population approaching 750 million people. 73.7 people per sq km

    The 48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia are 8,080,000 square km and 327 million people, so in people per sq kilometer on average, the USA is about 40.5 per sq km 

    Some areas in the USA are vast and barely populated.

    I live in the state of Nevada. Total population is about 3.1 million in 286,000 sq km = 10.8 people per sq km.Clark County with Las Vegas Metro is 2.23 million in 20,900 sq km =106.7 per sq miSo, Nevada excluding Clark County is 870,000 people in 265,100 sq km = 3.3 people per sq km as mostly unpopulated land.If we subtract Washoe County in the north with Reno and Carson city that are 460,000 people in 17,000 km, then the remaining area is 410,000 people in about 1.65 people per sq km

    The state of Wyoming's 578,000 people live in 253,000 sq km = 2.28 people per sq km. The state of Montana's 1.1 million people on 380,800 km2 = 2.89 people per sq km

    Yes, that the USA has vast area of unpopulated and low population land, and average density much lower than Europe.

    Large homes on huge land plots can be purchased at fairly low prices if a person wants to live isolated in the USA.

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    I don't think that is very true....

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    "The Dukes of Hazzard" is still a good description of the USA in general

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