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Women, does it bother you that women's bodies are sexualised in the media so much?

in adverts, magazines, newspapers, TV, film and internet.

does it bother you that women are shown as objects of desire?

or do you not care?

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    Eh...I don't care, really have never cared. But those women have brains, too. What makes me kind of agitated is when you read articles about these women (and Yahoo is SUPER GUILTY OF THIS) about their clothing, or shoes, or something brainless like that. I'm not saying you have to like anyone I'm naming (I certainly don't) and you can consider them annoying all you want or whatever, but I HATE HATE HATE reading articles about Emma Watson: What she wore will make your head spin! or Princess Kate: Showing some leg during Australian tour! or Gina Davis: Super hot at 65! She's a member of MENSA for crying out loud! And all the articles you see about men...that's what I don't like. 

    I'm not trying to make myself out to sound like a 4th wave Feminist, because I'm not, but women are fighting to be seen as equals, not JUST sex objects nowadays, and articles like these are forcing us 3 steps back. Men are allowed to pose half-naked on the covers of magazines and get asked seriously intense questions like where their careers are going and how they see themselves in the industry, what they want to accomplish. Women do this and we're still asked what diet they went on to achieve that body, what their favorite skin care is, and did they wear underwear under that catsuit in that one movie. That, to me, is more insulting. 

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    And if you do care, what do you think about your sisters who bare all and play out men's fantasies for pay? Do you see them as traitors to your sex?

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