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If ***** is such an offensive word than why do black people call each other that?

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  • 9 months ago

    Because nigggers think they are special and have the right of freedom of speech while they need to control the freedom of speech of others under the so called political correctness bull crap... a niggger is a niggger its that simple... 

    There is a difference between a regular black and a niggger... not all blacks are nigggers but most who use the word is.

  • adam
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    9 months ago

     because they are stupid mud puppies

  • Gert
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    10 months ago

    We all know that blacks can say and do anything they please.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    It  also  defines  one of the   three  races  on  this  planet  one is  caucasoid, mongoloid  and then its them

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  • Justin
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    10 months ago

    Actually, the word itself is based on a term contrived by black intellectuals who felt that the term 'black' was childish and demeaning. They created the term 'negroe' (which I have to misspell to dodge the censor, for some reason), which you can still see retained in the names of their longstanding institutions and social establishments like the U.N.C.F, (a prestigious college fund). If I wrote the actual name out, it too would be censored, (LOL).

    When spoken with a southern inflection the term 'negroe' sounds more like 'nee-gra.' That is the origin of the term itself. 

    Black intellectuals began to use the term, (only with the southern inflection), to insult ignorant blacks, especially those who chose to be uneducated, shiftless or criminal. The more formal term was still used to refer to respected members of the community. That is primarily how the informal word is still used in the black community today, though many embrace these negative traits openly now as part of the 'ghetto lifestyle' and a form of resistance against establishment culture, so the term is less offensive to them. It is also used by people in the same way that other cultures may jokingly call each other 'lazy bum,' 'thief' or other pejoratives in jest.   

    Even the term 'boy,' (the actual diminutive form of the male gender itself), is considered 'racist' when spoken by people outside of the community and deeply insulting when spoken within the community when used to imply ignorance or weakness. This too is sometimes used in jest however, especially among friends.  

    Racism is a confusing mishmash of nonsense which is best avoided, imo. 

  • 10 months ago

    Its a double standard

  • nalla
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    10 months ago

    Because they can

  • 10 months ago

    It's not the WORD that's offensive, generally speaking.  It's WHY it is being spoken.  Every time somebody utters it, there is no doubt in ANY hearer's mind as to WHY the speaker said it.  None.  So the utterance of the word doesn't necessarily have only one reason behind it.  Black people can say it for reasons that are generally inoffensive, but they can also say it for reasons that are highly offensive...and that they are using it for a different reason is instantly very clear, even to non-black listeners.  Under certain conditions, particular non-black people can say it for inoffensive reasons - but their reason for saying it might be misunderstood by people who don't know them well.

    (However, there ARE some individuals - both black and non-black - who are offended by the word, itself.)

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Because they made something good out of something really $hitty. It's creative.

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