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What kind of person would this be based on Astrology?

For just like an overall prediction of their personality.


Sun in Pisces- 4th house

Moon in cancer- 8th house

Ascendant in Sagittarius-lord in 8th house

Please no rude comments Thanks in Advance


Mars in Taurus sixth house

Venus in Aquarius third house

Update 2:

Likely a solid or weak person?

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  • Janet
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    10 months ago

    An astrologer needs to look at ALL of the 40-50 factors in that person's unique natal chart.

    AND the FIRST thing we look at is how each planet is aspected, because that determines whether we read the negative behaviors for that planet's Sign, or whether we read the positive behaviors.

    And we never write out an analysis. Three reasons:

    (1) It would be a 25-30 page document and take hours and hours and hours to compose.

    (2) We charge by the hour ($150 and up ;per hour, depending on the astrologer)

    (3) We may know the theory, but YOU know yourself. Out of 10-20 possible ways any one factor could affect you, YOU are the one who has to pick which it is (and this is why writing it out takes so long ... we have to list all possible ways, and most of them will NOT apply to YOU).

    So all natal chart interpretations are done WITH the client's participation: in-person, over the phone, on Skype. Even then that take an hour or more to cover the natal chart.

    All written reports are computer generated, and since that information is already available for free on the internet, why pay for it?

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