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How old was your baby when they first started eating solids?

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  • LizB
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    10 months ago
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    Both were a little over 5 months. I was going to wait until 6 months, but they both started showing clear signs of food readiness before then. I was a fan of "baby-led weaning," and neither of them ate purees for very long. Some babies are older than 6 months before they show interest in solids, though. Some won't until closer to a year.

  • 8 months ago

    5-6 months we started introducing solids. Start with veggies before fruits.

  • sarah
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    10 months ago

    My daughter was around four months when we first introduced solids (with the exception of giving her rice cereal mixed with formula from one of those cereal feeder bottles; we started that at around two months). She didn't really seem ready, so we took a break until she was around five and a half months and have been going strong ever since (she's now seven and a half months).

  • Pippin
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    10 months ago

    My daughter is close to 30.  When she was a baby the advice was '4-6 months' and trending towards the later end of that. She started a little past 5 months.

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  • 10 months ago

    I have five kids.  The earliest we started solids was six months.  With my now 17-year-old, we tried solids starting at six months but he refused until he was over a year.

    Current recommendations are six months.  

  • Suzy Q
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    10 months ago

    My oldest was about a week shy of 6 months when he grabbed a pretzel stick out of my hand and ate it, just like that. I waited that last week before I started offering solids, and then he took to them right away. Purees and finger foods right from the start. 

    I tried offering my youngest solids when he was 6 months, but he refused most of what I offered. And when he did eat a bite or two, he got constipated. So I backed off for a few weeks, and when we tried again around 7 months he did okay. 

    Funny thing is that until quite recently (they are 5 and 7 now) this pattern held, with my oldest the adventurous eater and my youngest the fussy one. 

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    My youngest is 18 & back then we were told to start solids around 4 months. We started with some type of cereal diluted with white grape juice. This is what the doctor instructed us to do. It seems things are different now as my sister didn't start her daughter on solids till almost 9mts.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    First thing - my "baby" is now an adult.  Standards have changed slightly and the advice given then would not always be the same advice given now.

    I started giving my baby Gerber's first foods baby food at about four to five months.  It has been long enough that I don't remember the exact age - but I do know it wasn't more than five months.  

    My mother-in-law was absolutely furious with me and was always telling her son I was doing it wrong because I hadn't started her sooner.  She believed I should have started at about two months.  My husband even went behind my back and fed our baby about a half a jar of Gerber's first foods at just over two months thinking his mother was right.  Our baby became sick and threw up the food and had a couple rather nasty diapers.  Then my husband immediately thought something was "wrong" with our baby - and wanted to take her to the doctor.  I insisted that the doctor is just going to tell us it was too soon for solid foods and that we just need to wait.  When I did start her on solids a few months later, everything was fine.  (and my husband learned that his mother isn't always right in every situation.)

    I believe that the current advice is to start solids at around six months.  

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