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On double bucks I won $10 betting 2 cents how much would I have won betting 90 cents?

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    You got paid 500 times your bet. If you got paid 500 times 90 cents you would have been paid $450.00.

    That is a huge "if" for any number of reasons. 

    If you were making higher bets you might have run out of money you were willing to gamble before hitting a payout that large.

    If you were betting a higher amount you might not have gotten the same winning combination.

    On some machines betting higher amounts increases the number of lines instead of the amount you win per line. (There are a lot of different slot machines called "double bucks" so there is no way to look up the payouts for the machine you were playing.)

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    90/2 times as much

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    I also got about 30 free spins. That pay triple. Also only betting 2 cents. But didn't win. I think because I wasn't betting all lines. I think I missed out on alot of money betting 2 cents. Also I only put $10 in the machine. 

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