Can I do Maths and English Language outside of school?

I have physical health needs and my mum and a consultant at the UCLH agreed a reduced timetable for me wherein I would do Maths and English Language independently (online), considering I already have a seven (A) in both subjects (am 14). 

The consultant has written a letter to the school informing them of the timetable, and as far as I was aware, the school were legally compelled to accept this timetable on health grounds. However, they have said that they cannot agree to this, claiming that they are legally required to provide Maths and English in school.  Is this true? If it is, how do we go about challenging this? This needs to be sorted out by the beginning of the spring term, or my mum will have to deregister me from school.Please do not offer alternative solutions (go to another school, do X subjects, etc).

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