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Who is the best player ever to play for the following football clubs.?


Man City

Man Utd



West Ham Utd

Leeds Utd

Glasgow Rangers


Cork City

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    Difficult to compare players from different eras but here goes

    Arsenal - Thierry Henry

    Man City- Francis Lee or Colin Bell.

    Man Utd - George Best / Ronaldo =

    Liverpool - Gerrard just because Suarez was a liability (yes I know George Best was too).

    Southampton - Le Tissier just ahead of Mick Channon. Sheaer was better than these two but probably not while at Southampton.

  • Arsenal         Henry/Viera

    Man City               Viera/Anelka/Power/Kompany     +(take  your pick of the current   players)   Sterling/ Silva's /De Bruyne  / Aguero   etc...

    Man Utd           Ronaldo/G.Best/R.Keane

    Liverpool           Gerrard/Suarez/Van Dijk         Dalglish/Fowler

    Southampton            Le Tissier

    West Ham Utd            Lampard/Tevez/Moore

    Leeds Utd                    Lorimer/tYeboah/Cantona

    Glasgow Rangers          B.Laudrup/R.Wilkins/S.McCall 

    Celtic                               Larsson/Dalglish/Petrov

    Cork City                         idk..

    maybe i could get down to one player but it wouldn't be easy, btw why are you anon @Ryan?   lol

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