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my jujitsu school has the ranking of "white,yellow,orange" as the first three. im now an orange at just a year and three months in?

is that to fast? i did not get promoted first because i missed to many classes, but then i got yellow bet,on april 14,then earned my orange belt on sep 28th. is that to soon? its not "brazliain jiujitsu" its mixed system" it does not mean im at a bad place does it? as i hear some people only getting promoted after a year or so

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    Jujitsu school? - Mixed? SO, Japanese based? for beginners at high schools, teenagers starting and for Americans that can't greet Sensei, belt ranks are warning to others. White belt is for the newbies that may not know Dojo courtesy, how to bow or stand. Yellow belt tells other students and teacher that you have been shown how to stand/Wi-Chi , get into Zenkutzo-Dachi and Haichi -Dachi/figure 8 stance, do a couple basic blocks and punches, basic throw and hold without breaking your own bones falling down, now ready to learn some stronger defense, offense combinations. Orange belt- you managed to show a few effective moves, not puke in class and have done some sparring- but not Randori.  15 months and you are now with belt showing others that you've learned NOT to smoke, can do some sprints and grabs without throwing up and can do basic breakfalls without cracking skull when dropped in controlled sparring. Depends some on school drills- does it push conditioning first? or something like Kata's to get balance and form first? Naha-Te or

    Shuri-Te to use the Okinawan terms. Mixed system? What Ryu does O- Sensei say is basis?  Maybe in 2 years you'l have what color belt next? Brown? Blue? 

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    I think your school is a "belt factory" or a McDojo in that it is not teaching you, but trying to get as much money out of you.  In a legit school, the progression to the next belt should take longer than the previous belt. Meaning it should had taken you longer to get the orange belt than the yellow belt.  And given that in your own words you missed many classes and still got promote 2 ranks within 15 months tells me something is not right here.

    Each level of progress means learning even more difficult ideas and techniques. And that means more time. So, promoted 2 levels in just 15 months is not realistic in a legit school. Ask yourself this: are you really that much better skill-wise than where you were 15 months ago? Can you actually do the techniques CORRECTLY every time? 

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    Made up belts for their system. Traditionally its just blue, purple, brown and black. I wouldn't over think a gyms made up system. You'll know where you stand when you go out to roll with students from other gyms or if you go compete.

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    I used to get promoted every 3 months. Same type of school. So you're good. Keep studying up and learn as much as you can 😤😤.

    The fastest you can be promoted is every 3 months. All I did was martial arts workout and study for exams though during that time. 

    Learn other arts as well. I'm taking up boxing now. I'm already good at japanese jiujitsu and such so I need to polish my striking and movement standing. Do the same. You'll get really good. 

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