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Psychological egoism

A. ethical egoism is rooted in our social behavior, yet is rooted in each one's own psyche.

B. Describes the factual reality of egoism, whereas ethical egoism describes how we should behave.

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  • j153e
    Lv 7
    9 months ago

    If you have an A or B choice, A.  The vague (hopefully, not deliberate, but simply ignorant) use of "rooted" is at issue:  the deeper rooting is in the personal or psyche, and there is a secondary rooting in social behavior, with an unjustified penumbra of "social influence" upon ethical egoism, when the accepted definition is not such ethical altruism.

    B is actually more correct, iff one accepts the working hypothesis that all behavior is self-interested and iff one uses the accepted definition of ethical egoism, rather than seemingly including a shading of ethical altruism into ethical egoism; the vague term (second time alerts to notion that the question's phrasing's vagueness is deliberate) is "reality," b/c it is modified by "factual," and because no such acceptance of the "psychological egoism" hypothesis is "fact-based."   B's definition of ethical egoism is also misleading (seems like the MO or SOP for the question-writing, btw), b/c "factual reality of psychological egoism" is contrasted with ethical egoism, when in fact they are two approaches to the same beast:  the psychology of self-first, and the consequentialist justification of me-first.

  • 9 months ago

    I know that it is not B, but I am unsure about A.

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