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Does he still love me? ?

So my ex and I recently got into contact again after him ghosting me (we dated for 2 months). I know he is an extremely complicated guy with a lot of issues such as having been in a toxic relationship with his ex for 3 years, then starting heavily consuming pot and drugs and getting into trouble, which made him extremely depressed. He lost so many friends who backstabbed him and his best friend slept with his ex, who cheated on him multiple times... 

A few weeks ago, he explained why he suddenly disappeared, he said he really wasn't mentally ready for a relationship and that he didn't handle our situation as he should have because I'm someone he has tremendous respect for, he reassured me that he hasn't been with any other girl ever since we stopped talking 3 months ago. He even stopped smoking weed as I suggested it would help with his mood swings. We hung out 2 times ever since and got to really open up to each other without anything sexual happening; we just talked and he seems to have gotten a bit better. He says he still doesn't want a relationship (I don't either, it's the last thing on my mind since our break up really had me messing up my academic future). Saturday, we went out for drinks and we had a very vulnerable talk about his past (deeper than when we talked when we were still together), I hugged him and something clicked. We started kissing and making out, then we took an Uber to his place and fooled around. Now he seen-zoned my last text, Idk what to do?

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    You just go with the flow. And you might want to think about his behaviors and his conversation with you about his past... because he's still living there.

    I date people who live in the present. And who don't carry the past around like it's some sort of treasure. Because it's not

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    "Seen-zoned" wth is that?? You're saying he saw your text and hasn't responded yet? If you don't want a relationship, where is the problem here?

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