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Chemistry question!! Please help?

If the mole of H3PO4 is 0.021612 mol, how do I use mole ratio to figure out the mole of H in that compound? The original chemical equation is PCl5+4H2O->H3PO4 +5HCl if that is needed. 

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    The 3 after the H in H3PO4 means 1 mole of H3PO4 contains 3 moles of H (and 1 mole of P and 4 moles of O)

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    Every mole of H3PO4 contains (3/2) moles of H2, so the answer is 0.032418 mol of H2. "Moles of H" would be 0.0648 moles, but atomic hydrogen tends not to exist at ordinary pressure and temperature.

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