Why is dissociative identity disorder so bizzare?

I read some it. It's because of trauma in early childhood. At early age of 6 to eight I don't think any child know what is sex so how are alter formed. When they themselves don't know the meaning even our speech and thinking gets better after 12 years age how are they able to understand right and wrong. There are many children living in war and so much abused but don't suffer DID which tells us that again we didn't had that knowledge of sex it came later as we understood it. So the question is how is it formed or is it just a false statement

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago
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    Because it's made up. IT DOES NOT EXIST.

    Trauma exists, 'disassociation' from trauma exists (like going numb, not remembering it clearly), but creating alternate personalities that the other don't know about--that has never happened. Ever. It's a fraud.

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