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Does transhumanism/cyborgism entail eventual extinction of humanity/animals since technology does everything infallibly and does not suffer?

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    Transhumanism is a ridiculous fantasy. Mother nature is a TERF. It's never going to happen because it depends on a stable rich biotech industry and society lasting forever.

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    No. it represents a massive reduction of humans, but not the entire species. The rich globalist controllers are trying to do this right now through immigrant invasions, epidemics and inciting nuclear war.

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    Technology is not infallible.  My workplace just designed a self checkout, for example and problems are constantly arising.  Nor is it going to fix all problems.  Metal and soft circuits are also prone to aging and malfunction.

    One could argue that using technology is a form of evolution.  For example, baby formula.  Without it, babies who were unable to drink their mother's breast milk would not have fared well.  Many of them would have died.  Now that we have baby formula, those babies have the chance to grow up healthy.  And things like artificial limbs, and even eyeglasses, allow many more to live full-functioning lives.

    Also technology doesn't pass down genetically.  People have to maintain its use and their education of it.  If people lose interest, that form of technology stops being used.  If society collapses and we fall back to a medieval way of life, we aren't that much better off than people living in the Medieval period would be if we don't have machines continuing to produce the same level of output for new technology.  At the very least, we would have a healthier head start, but that would be gone with the next generation and any such evolution would largely revert back to relying largely on ordinary human power.  

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    There's a few thoughts here. The first is the concept that cyborgs are "better" than humans. But, the problem lies in that "better" is undefined. An undefined, vague "better" means one could go in circles all day and find no resolution. That leads into a misunderstanding of energy -- the creation of energy, the use of energy, and the transference of energy. Cyborgs and technology are human creations, but the technology, no matter how advanced, is still dependent on the "3 P's" -- Primary purpose, Programming, and Power Source. Technology today is still completely dependent on power sources, meaning that if the power source is interrupted or depleted, the technology no longer functions. Technology is still dependent on Primary function -- if the primary function no longer applies to current needs, the technology is considered "Old and obsolete". We have proof of THAT in the form of millions of pounds of e-waste - computer equipment, old radio and personal music devices, tv sets, etc. And then, programming. We have millions of data stored in old computer banks no longer being used or noted or searched or active because the physical device used to access the program no longer exists - as programmers constantly change and update our registry and operational software, the old program storage has no purpose and no more function. So, the concept of "Technology is better than biology" is too broad and undefined. We humans have created out of wire and metal ways to use and control energy and establish new forms of communication and devices to make our physical labor easier, but, an automatic washing machine of the past that saved the average housewife hours of physical boiling water, scrubbing clothes and hanging them to dry on a line is still  "Better" technology than a current software banking app that is too easily hacked by thieves. And, even more so, the washing machine and the touchscreen pad are the same in that they are both only as good as they are plugged into a power source - both are useless when the power goes out! So, instead of considering "technology is better than biology", it might be an idea to take a second look at biology. We biological humans are, well, at most basic, autonomous "A.I.'s". We have within our biological brain some programming, a capacity to learn, capacity to see, hear, feel, taste smell and process all the inputs into reason and function. Our bodies are made up of an input for continual power in the form of carbons and carbon exchange, the use of carbons as energy from the sun, and the power from energy to physically move autonomously.  Even the best man-made robots are only as good as their technology and power source and primary function as we have been witnessing in the "STar Wars" movies as R2D2 now takes a minor appearance with its old technology no longer as advanced as the technology represented 40 years later. So, it might be a thought to consider taking another look at biology and the use and transference of energy, the carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen cycles, and seeing how the biological world functions continuously in the "Gaia" concept of the earth being a biological organism as well as a possible "Matrix"-style advanced -learning training ground.  Good luck in your studies, but I am still in favor of "Biology" over "technology (especially when the electricity goes out in a  thunderstorm and my computer stops working!)

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    8 months ago

    Quote "technology does everything infallibly"


    Comment: FALSE. Nothing is infallible, so the answer is NO.

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    8 months ago

    In some scenarios, such removal of human evolution platform is possible.  Some worlds' evolutions have blown themselves up into itty bitty rocks, and souls of same have, if they were remorseful, etc., been given further opportunities on other systems of worlds.  For the heavenly host, those evolutions (or those members of them) that do not readily take to playing by the rules of Life, such as kindness, justice, mercy, love, and so on, are as "problem children" and more intercession is required if they are to acquire sufficient Light of the soul to attain soul-realization in God.


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