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Mental asylum?

1.Why do people get put in a mental asylum and is it scary?

2. Is it worse compared to jail?

3. And people who work at a mental asylum is it hard does it take courage and do they you get payed alot?

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    Good question I am a trauma nurse who gets floated to the psych unit quite often and Uhmm it’s not so much scary, more sad if anything. 

     I mean there are some people that you see that are just so young and in such a state of psychosis it makes you wonder what was triggered in their brains to create such a deep state of psychosis. Scary not really. Delusional people.. yes, but most of the time they are harmless.

    I could go on and on with crazy stories about psych patients, from hallucinations to just straight crazy. Many people who end up in emergency psych facilities are simply SI patients (suicide watch). However those with severe mental problems we usually IEA them and send them to the state.  

    These are usually psych patients so severe they are living in a completely altered state of mind and unable to fend for themselves. 

     Also usually patients who are combative to the point they are hitting, screaming, spitting and sh*tting on walls are locked in a secure room, heavily monitored. 

       I have only ever had to break up one fight in the psycho ward and it was seriously so pathetic it was because one of the patients thought another had said the N word when he actually didn’t. 

     I see a hell of a lot worse in the ER on a day to day basis. 

      The scariest patients I would say are the ones who are completely quiet and out of nowhere will just turn around and f*cking sock you. The quiet ones.. be careful of them haha. They are unpredictable where as most psych patients are very predictable. 

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    Because the chemical straight jacket

    Makes suffering easy to self control.


    Very Best Wishes


    Source:) Personal views cited

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    Psychiatric wards or hospitals (not mental asylums) are just boring places where people can relax, learn some skills, and get meds. They are not scary, though every now and then someone might act out a little -- and the staff will help them calm down. People get put into psychiatric wards or hospitals usually because they feel so sad they can't go on or so nervous that they can't control themselves. Basically, a good psychiatric hospital is a pretty boring, predictable place to be, and certainly much better than prison or jail.

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    People are sectioned if their behaviour is considered by two doctors in an official capacity to be a danger to themselves or others. Yes, it very probably is frightening to quite a few of the people involved, but they're already in a very stressed state. Some of them are not safe because of the other patients. I wouldn't say it was worse than jail besides the fear your own mental state creates in yourself. I wouldn't say working there was hard, and no, I got below minimum wage because that didn't exist at that point.

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    if you're a paranoid schizophrenic everything is terrifying

    if you don't think you belong in an institution it's terrifying

    if you don't know what to expect from an institution be terrified

    if you don't want to be apart from family or possessions be afraid

    it's like jail except you can't get out on a scheduled basis in most cases. you're also around "crazier" people with less direct supervision than you'd find in a jail.

    the doctors are well paid and the nurses are fairly paid. everyone else is underpaid.

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