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What the hell I should do with this person?

Please help me! Its so important. You see I'm a girl and I went to girl school. There I saw a girl with tomboyish look and voice I fell for her and gave her everything but she left me aside when I had no use for her . she stole all of my friends and popularity. And ruin my reputation. I was severely depressed and anxious. My self esteem and self confident was completely shattered. I even commit suicide. But what ever I healed caused that's what the time does. For the entrance exam I should go to library to study since I'm not going to school anymore. But that girl is there and I live in a small town and there is no other library in our town. I can't study at home and when she is there I can't focus . should I just stay and fight or its just distracts me and I shouldn't do anything. Fight I mean I have some acquaintances and should I just make regular friend and don't let her steal or I don't know what the hell I should do?

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  • 8 months ago

    Find another place to study.

    Even if it means staying on your PC.

    Do not go there.

  • 8 months ago

    That's what females tend to do to each other. Tons of drama.

    Your best recourse is to live a very successful life and not let this person have so much control over your emotions.

  • 8 months ago

    You need therapy if you attempted suicide but you might consider finding a way to attend another school so you can get a new start. You need consult your parents to do that.

  • Carson
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    8 months ago

    How about checking the books out of the library and taking them home to read?

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